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    October 8, 2012Fina Victory Now Web

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    Final Victory Now Campaign

    Release Date

    1 Oct, 2012

    What we made

    Facebook banners, Twitter Page, Website, Logo, Bill Board, DVD Label


    Final Victory Now is an event that has launched in Australia. This event deals with an impending crisis that is rapidly approaching the inhabitants of our world. And, the inroads of this dilemma are even now being felt, as chaos surges through the veins of our imploding societies. It is evident that the time has now come for every thinking man and woman to make choice that will settle their eternal destiny. And, in this series of seven lectures given by The Forerunner, you will learn the secrets behind the covert controversy that is now taking place, and how you can obtain THE FINAL VICTORY. This is a one time event that you can not afford to miss. It's now or never! PixelCooks has been privileged to work on this campaign.